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CHRISTIANITY as life, and manual for ideal manifestation of those who know their creator, is often carried out by the mouth. This means that it takes vocal confession to be the Christian according to Romans 10:9. Not by wishing and feeling, but by practice. This is because the Creator, ELOHIM himself brought the whole system of things including the galaxy into existence by His mouth – “AND GOD (ELOHIM) SAID” Gen. 1:3.

THE vocal confession of oneself as a Christian is a spiritual exercise even though it is physically done. The confession gives life and promotes from death to life – as the confession of Peter did for him in Matthew 16:16-19. This is an indubitable fact, since nobody does a thing without first saying it audibly or inaudibly – EVEN GOD says things audibly or inaudibly before performing them.

TO become a Christian is to confess Jesus Christ as one’s LORD AND PERSONAL SAVIOUR. This is the first step and first confession. Christ himself taught this principle in Matthew 6:33. Some people confess him as SAVIOUR alone, (i.e. seeking the kingdom alone Luke 12:31), without confessing him as LORD. To confess him as Saviour alone is like trying to dodge the responsibilities of changing your engine oil, spark plugs, even replacing a broken side mirror or windscreen of a car. These put together are like the RIGHTEOUSNESS that Matthew desired in addition to the kingdom (Mtt. 6:33). If we want to remain Christians, we must be ready to replace our broken headlamp or panel beat the scratched body of our car. This is constant confessing and forsaking.

….to be continued next Sunday….

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