====Sequel To Last Sunday====

THE second kind of confession is actually talking with God and asking for your agency commissions on a daily routine. This is generally called PRAYER. Prayer is like the payment made as a price to reap or purchase a prize. It is a vocal email letter of reminder sent to God telling Him to keep every of His word concerning a situation (Is. 55:10-11). This letter is sent with the mouth. It consists of conceived thoughts in the mind by the power of faith. Without the power – FAITH, prayers or framed words are nothing but alphabets. To make them living is to apply faith of God to them.

FAITH is the life wire of the man that has made the first confession above. It is the ability of God in man, while fear is the ability of the devil in man. It is the confidence that prompts the first confession and strengthens an individual to continuously believe the word of God – THE HOLY BIBLE.

MANY people have made the first confession, but they seldom make the second – which lasts forever. Prayer is the fuel of Christianity without which both our existential faith and salvational faith cannot be kept alive. The Bible says in Lev. 6:9 that the fire must be kept burning in the altar, and in Lk. 18:1, that we should pray and not faint. The importance of the prayer of faith cannot be overemphasized because it is only by it that one can move the hand of God to stop an issuing blood – Mk. 5:25-34 and cause the maker (John 1:3) to stand still – Mk. 10:49. This kind of faith comes from one of the following Privileges Of A Christian.


To challenge is to request for information or to either tell an opponent how strong you are; referring to the source of your ability, or calling to your opponent’s remembrance why he or she must heed your desire. Both ways, you are telling the one challenged that he cannot call of the fight because of the mentioned prevailing situation. Many successful men of God in the Bible used challenge strategy to achieve their desired results. This mandate of challenge was given by God himself in Isaiah 43:26.

ELISHA , when returning from the site of ascension of his master, Elijah, came to river Jordan and had no canoe to cross it. But on him was the MANTLE OF Elijah that fell down while he was being taken up. This Elisha folded and smote the waters of Jordan with it and challenged God – “Where is the LORD God of Elijah?” 2Kgs. 2:14. With this challenge from Elisha, the waters of Jordan parted for Elisha to cross. Simply, the parting was an answer to the challenge. The parting means, “I AM”. The answer to every challenge from God is “HERE I AM”. This answer does not have words – it only has action. “The waters parted hither and thither” 2Kgs. 2:14 became the God of Elijah.

ANOTHER man that used the challenge strategy to a great success was King Hezekiah in Isaiah 38:1-5. Hezekiah was sick and God sent Prophet Isaiah to tell him that he was going to die. On hearing this, Hezekiah didn’t beg God to take away death from him, rather he challenged God with his good works – Is. 38:3. This he mildly did and faced the wall. What his attitude here meant was that, if the reward of well doing is death, then kill me. This was a challenge as far as God is concerned; and so sent back Isaiah to tell the king that fifteen more years had been added to his days. The challenge strategy only works on two conditions:
***You must be in right standing with God, waiting for him (Is. 40:31) to see the fulfillment of his promises – 2Kgs. 2:1-4.
***You must have given either physical or spiritual contributions to the wellbeing of both the structural church building, and the organic or human church of God.

….to be continued on Sunday….

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